Dear Members:

I would to introduce myself to the members of this forum. My name is Thomas Giglione and I am from Toronto, Canada
I am a Canadian teacher trainer, lecturer and examiner of English for aeronautical communication. I am the director of ICAEO, an aviation language consultancy, assisting aviation organizations around the world with the implementation of the new ICAO language proficiency requirements.
I am also a pilot and have been working in the aviation field for over eleven years. I have lived and worked in Canada, Latin America, Middle East, China and now am currently training air traffic controllers in Vietnam. I am an experienced English language examiner and work throughout the world delivering aviation English teacher training, rater/interlocutor courses and aviation English communication workshops assisting pilots and air traffic controllers to achieve and maintain a ICAO Level 4 English language proficiency.


Gee, is that all you can do? :smiley:

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