Helicopter types


N332JP is an Augusta A109 helicopter. FlightAware shows the type “A109” as a SABCA twin turboprop. SABCA was involved with the design of the helicopter, but I believe Augusta would be a more correct database entry. Also, I suppose “twin turboprop” is not technically incorrect in some sense of the term, but it is unfortunate that this helicopter as well as other twin engine helicopters like the Sikorsky S76 show up this way. Is there a “helicopter” option? The Robinson R44 shows up as single piston too. Again, not incorrect, but those who aren’t familiar with the aircraft type are missing out.

Daniel? Mark? Actually, isn’t the elusive Nugget the database expert?


Here are the options we have:

  id  | code |  mfr   |      type      | engine
 7006 | A109 | SABCA  | A-109          | H2T
  388 | A109 | AGUSTA | A-109 Power    | H2T
  387 | A109 | AGUSTA | A-109          | H2T
  427 | A109 | AGUSTA | Stingray       | H2T
  425 | A109 | AGUSTA | Power          | H2T
  423 | A109 | AGUSTA | MH-68 Stingray | H2T
  418 | A109 | AGUSTA | Hkp15          | H2T

You think 387 best represents the fleet for A109s?

And you’re right, helicopters should be called turboshafts instead of turboprops.


A-109 POWER is what their website says is currently in production. I’m not familiar enough with them to say whether the “power” is an up-engined version of the A109 or whether the ‘regular’ A109 would be more representative of the whole fleet.
I’d say you are correct, choice 387 would be most correct without risking being wrong about the ‘power’ version.