Helicopter down on Catalina, 3 dead


3 dead, 3 injured near Two Harbors.

Company’s website has pictures of their helicopters. I can’t tell what type they are: islandexpress.com/


The ones on their website look like AStars.


Yep, AS350D ASTARs.


as350d? don’t those have the problematic lycoming turbines?


Lycoming LTS 101 600A, according to the faa reg info.


didn’t an operator in hawaii have so many incidents with the d model that most people stopped using them for 135 ops, much less over water?


Whether or not the 350D is problematic, these folks appear to operate four of them as their sole aircraft.


aviationtoday.com/rw/publics … 12162.html

or, Here’s Honeywell’s side of the story.


It should be noted however, that the U.S. Coast Guard is re-engining all their HH-65 Dolphins due to an extraordinarily high rate of engine failures on the LTS-101