Health Insurance?


This stuff is like reading a foreign language. Since I am switching jobs and moving to the ATL area I am going to lose my city health insurance coverage. Falcon does have a plan, but it is a lot more expensive than I am currently paying, and the coverage is not nearly as good.

Does anyone know of any aviation groups or group plans that are out there I may be able to buy into and get better coverage/rates?

I am 26, have a wife (23) and a son who is 1yr old. We are non-smokers and in good health. We are a young couple starting out though and price is a concern at this point.

Any suggestions?



I cannot vouch for the accuracy website … ?code=1825 provides, but it looks promising for some help in your research.

Good luck on getting what you need, like you said, it’s a foreign language and something we were never taught in school, yet we are expected to make sound decisions…



That’s not a website for individuals Allen, it’s for businesses seeking to establish a group policy. IIRC Mostchoice doesn’t sell individual policies.

For James, what’s your background? Ex military? College grad? Etc.? Check with your school’s alumni association, the VFW, etc., etc. Don’t forget to check local HMOs, they can often save you money.

Due to your youth, family status and wife’s potential fecundity, you’re in about the worst demographic as far as most underwriters would be concerned and will pay among the highest rates.

No matter how onerous the rates may appear in a group, they’re almost always less than an individual policy.




Ah, ok, was using his words as key words in my google search.

Disregard and carry one :smiley:



No, discard the one and carry two!


There are various plans out there for an individual or family. I think they differ quite a bit by state as each state regulates insurance their own crazy way. I’d suggest checking the Georgia Insurance Czar’s website for linkies.


Thanks, I will look into all the suggestions.

I was also wondering about any pilot unions? or groups like that? Does anyone know if any pilot union or aviation union has insurance group plans?


I think their main plan is to kick you out if you get sick.


did a web search and ran across this one:
looks like a whole bunch of links.