Hawker Beechcraft might be sold to a Chinese company

How good can this be for USA when a large company like Hawker Beechcraft get sold to the Chinese. Will the quality and craftmenship of the Beechcraft Super King Air 350, 200. 90 still be there? Then what about all the Jet Hawker has 4000, 900XP 200 XPr? Will the pilots that fly these still have the same aircraft as they do today. Maybe I’m all wrong, if so let me have it. Many of you have a lot more experencw in this field than me, this is just my thinking.

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This is just plain disgusting!

interesting discussion here

aopa.org/aopalive/?watch=8zb … yKT8vnkD7I

I doubt the location of manufacture would change for many of the aircraft - maybe the turboprops (which they aren’t selling many of these days anyway).

They may also be able to develop a viable replacement aircraft in the 19 or 30 seat turboprop airliner markets - which would be a really good thing.

Not selling turbo props? Really? Thats the ONLY thing they’ve been selling. Without the KingAir line, they would have been done a long time ago.

Click Here Hmmm, here’s how to get the current Board to agree to the purchase - throw them an extra 5 million dollars.

Bloomberg News reporting Textron (Cessna’s parent company) may bid for Hawker assests.