Hartford/Springfield airport is not searchable

The primary airport in Hartford, CT/Springfield, MA area is Bradley International Airport (KBDL) located in Windsor Locks, CT. When I try to search for flights to Hartford, FA doesn’t recognize the name “Hartford” or “Springfield” as a valid descriptor for that airport, even though all the airlines refer to that airport as “Hartford/Springfield.” It will show other airports with those words in their name, but not Bradley. The only way that airport will show up in a search is if the user searches on “Bradley”, which may not be intuitive to some users. Is there any way to have the city names of Hartford and Springfield associated with KBDL so searchers can find Bradley when they are searching for Hartford?

That’s because the airport is located in Windsor Locks. The FAA records show it as Windsor Locks and the FlightAware data is based on FAA records.

If you know the code why not use that?

Yes, I do know the code, and I can search that way. The purpose of my comment was to make FA more user-friendly and intuitive to the less knowledgeable user.