HARRODS G-HRDS G550 enroute!!!!!!!!!!!!


flightaware.com/live/flight/GHRD … /KHPN/KOPF


Does Mr. Fayed have business interests in the south FL area?



not sure. i know he as an airline/helicopter charter company based out of London stanstead & luton


Harrods Aviation website.


Whatta D-Bag!


I could be wrong… I don’t believe that Mr. Fayed normally travels on the “company” planes. He owns a Falcon that is based in the NorthEast and is routinely used for his travel needs.


how you you post a link without typing the website like that?


Here’s a a tip, just hit the “quote” button on his post and you’ll see exactly how it’s done.



  1. Enter [
  2. Enter text to be displayed
  3. enter ](




Basically the same thing with images except you use the img code in place of url code.


My answer looked too complicated for me!!!


Or just paste the link into your post here and then… highlight it with your mouse and click the URL button. There is also a link at the bottom left of the message body called BBCode that tells you how it all works.