I know we have a pictures topic thread in here but I’ve not gone in there - just for fun on Halloween - see who can post/reply with the funniest or most unusual paint scheme/aircraft whatever for this day.

I have seen (in real life) some gorgeous paint schemes on RV’s & Gulfstreams while working at an FBO - but don’t have pics of them. The PC-12 they had one year at Oshkosh was painted with horse shoes all down the side & was decorated inside with saddles, etc. - like cowboy or southwestern - even Shamu/SW would qualify.



One of my favorites, Duggy, the Smile in the Sky.

Here are some of mine & I have one for you (big smile) at home JHEM - don’t have it on this computer at work…

Some are just fall pics with aircraft in them… :smiley:

Here’s a Vampire.


Powered by a Goblin of all things!

and another engine, the Ghost!


That is so great lperch - thank you for contributing & you too JHEM…

Isn’t there a jet or something that is called the Scorpion??? I’ll so some research later… :smiley:

F-89! Scorpion

You certainly can’t forget about this “spooky” aircraft!

A few of my favorites

The “real” Spooky, USAF Spectre/Spooky II:


And it’s cousin, the MC-130P Shadow:



the McDonnell Douglas F-4F Phantom II

GUYS & DOLLS (if there are any among us besides me) you are outdoing yourselves on this Happy SPOOKY (more than once) HALLOWEEN…

I vant to kiss your cheek for all your special efforts - keep them coming - the blood is running… :mrgreen:

My bat wings are ready to fly away… 8) :open_mouth: :arrow_right:

Okay - this contribution is NOT aviation related. It IS rated “M” for Mature Audiences due to graphic language!!! Adjust your computer’s sound volume accordingly before playing it, or if you’re easily offended by such language, do not play it…
Hope you get a good laugh out out of it like I did.


That’s pretty funny needle - hope he gets some business from his funny commercial/advertising… after all it’s his time of the year…

Oh yeah, speaking of bats.

Baynes Bat, experimential glider from WWII


Yea - about has funny as a hernia. I have a pretty good sense of humor. I found that to me Sexy Stupid, without the sexy part.

Here is a SPOOKY voice:

this link should lead you to download “atis.wav” – very funny…


Hope the link works… :mrgreen:

That’s obviously debatable.

I do - and to prove it, I find the following

to be funny!

Caution: pieces of mobile homes and dead cows on all runways


Okay - well that shows that you have A sense of humor… but not necessarily a GOOD sense of humor!

Roger that!

Still hasn’t learned that he is not the arbiter of all things (or anything for that matter).