Gulfstream IV Recurrency

Are there any Gulfstream IV Drivers getting recurent in this time of prospertity?

If you were a full service guy/gal before you got laid off, you can get your recurrent for free.

We are introducing a new Proficiency Protection program to help FlightSafety trained pilots and maintenance technicians of business aircraft who have become involuntarily unemployed since January 1, 2009. This will help them to maintain their proficiency while they pursue new job opportunities.

FlightSafety will offer a no cost recurrent training course to pilots who were training under a Full Service contract at the time of involuntary job loss. The training will be provided in an aircraft type the pilot trained on under that agreement. Customers who were enrolled in the Master Technician program at the time of involuntary job loss may receive the next course towards their Master Technician rating at no cost. The program will remain in effect until December 31, 2009.

This marketing initiative is designed to secure Customer relationships and increase revenue now and in the future. Most importantly, it demonstrates our support for the business aviation community and our commitment to enhance safety. More detailed information on the program, including the eligibility requirements, will be available at next week.


The key word is FULL SERVICE!

I’m a full service guy, two airplanes and two recurrents every six months. I would bet there are quite a few G guys that maybe also flew a Falcon as well that can benefit from this.

It’s about brand loyalty, when you get your next job, and you certainly will, (I wish all the guys on the street well!) You may just convince the CP to go to FlightSafety.

Also, I think they have to keep their instructors busy. When I did my XL recurrent in March, the instructor said I was his first class in 3 weeks :open_mouth: !

It really sucks out there now, but keep your chin up, I’ve flown more in the past two weeks than I’ve flown in the past month, not really a trend per se, but a good sign nonetheless.

Good luck!

Thank you for the reply, and I am happy things are picking up for you But I was working for a company and they elected to go with Simi. and of course you go with the flow they let me go two weeks before my second year of service and they advised me that they were not going to get me re-current so now I am faced with paying for my own a G-IV recurrent and cannot afford the fee,s that FSI apply to recurrency. Maybe if they (FSI) were to be more competitive with Simi. there be a better lean toward there training facility. COST is a major issue at this time considered yourself lucky that you were employed with a company that looks at these issues.

recurrency is like $8k for the IV?

8 K is that at FSI and if so who do I contact in regards to that figure?
I been quoted 12 to 14K.