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Ground coverage on Skyaware but not Virtual Radar

Hi. On my Sky aware radar I can pick up ground coverage, however this doesn’t show on my VRS even though it is linked fine from what I can tell. Does anyone know what might be stopping it getting to VRS?

The yellow one is MLAT, this is not shown on your VRS display.
For this you will need to configure a second receiver on the VRS using a different port

As far as i know Beast is 30003 or 30005 while MLAT from this receiver is provided on port 30103 or 30105
But it depends on your configuration

EDIT: Sorry, my assumption is wrong. The two Logan aircraft are shown. So forget my previous statement

VRS might not be able to do receiver relative DF17 CPR decoding for ground positions.
You could feed VRS with basestation on 30003 instead of beast on 30005 … that might help because then dump1090-fa does the decoding.

Or maybe you need to define a receiver location in VRS?