Travolta is being a good neighbor. With OCF’s rwy being closed for re-surfacing, travolta is allowing some corporate jets based at OCF to park at his house.

Interesting. I believe that all three of his jets are out of town.

How do you know they are parked at his house?

How do you know they are parked at his house?

Figured I would get this question… Guess who, Wazzu
Talked with the maintenance techs on these aircraft. Travolta has used their hangar on down time for the G-II several times. So the favor is being returned. Also Travolta is one of first in line for a t-hangar for the Ecipse at OCF.

Is this your plane?

Was Greystone Airport (17FL) built specifically for Jumbolair Aviation
Estates, or did it exist previously, perhaps as a military outlying field, like so many airports around Northern and Central Florida?

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It was built specifically for Arthur Jones, the inventor of the Nautilus exercise machines, in 1981.

It’s now owned and operated by his ex-wife.

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Thanks. Maybe someday I’ll join the ranks of 1000+ posts. I’m not planning on going anywhere! Did Arthur Jones own private aircraft or live at the airport? Or did he establish the airport with the intent of opening Jumbolair Aviation Estates?

Did you click the link and read the story?

Bond…James Bond 8)

I didn’t see anything in the article about him intending to open Jumbolair Aviation Estates at first. It does indicate that he lived near the runway.

Here is a recent local article on Jumbolair. Do a search on that site and a few more come up.

Is this your plane?

No I actually was talking about N30LF Falcon 2000, and N134BR and G-IV.

Find it interesting that N30LF files flight plans to and from OCF, but then terminates to go over to 17FL. Any suggestion why?

Jumbolair Aviation Estates Great article from 1984 when life was good!! … _set.shtml

YouTube N8405 19585 scrapped in Tucson as XA-ABU HereClick HereClick Here

That is absolutely incredible. Only in Florida . . .