Greystone (17FL)


How come Greystone (17FL) in Ocala, FL has its times shown as GMT and not EST?

I noticed that first in the plane track page of N707JT.


Hey Toby, are you sure about GMT? I track both the 707 as well as Travolta’s Gulfstream N492JT. I just checked “my flightaware” and I have it all listed as EST as well as the airstrip. Still not sure what the neighbors think when Quantas lands around 4 AM in the “back yard”…Heeerrree’s Johhhnnny!! :smiley:


I rechecked it, skyhigh. Greystone times are shown as GMT on the N707JT page as well as on Arrivals/Departures for the Greystone (17FL) airport activity page. For the latter, you have to click the “more” links to see them.


Fixed – good catch!


I’m still not seeing it guys. Could it be because my profile is set up as EST for the planes I watch? Everything I have on his 707 and gulfstream are posted as EST.


Hi, skyhigh. You can force that mode in your profile. Either way, it’s fixed now.


For those interested here is the link to JT’s fly-in community…

The site has a lot of info including some magazine articles…interesting read. It looks as if there are still some lots available :slight_smile:
If you buy I would recomend following all of 707JT’s flights closley on FlightAware to avoid Big Boeing wake turbulence :wink: