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Graphs1090 Time Frame Resets

When I set $timeFrame = ‘2h’ in /usr/share/graphs1090/html/graphs.js, the next time I view graphs1090 it reverts to $timeFrame = ‘24h’. Is there a way to make changes permanent?

I’m running a RPi 4B Buster and PiAware 3.8.1

Don’t refresh the tab, then the 2 hour graph will persist, updated automatically at 10 min intervals.

He said “The next time i view”, so your answer is not what he’s looking for.

I’ve set my interval to 8 hours and it’s working. Did you fully reload your browser?

Yes, the browser is on a Windows 10 system w/Firefox 78. I have rebooted both the PC and the RPi as well. Same results.

Cache and Cookies deleted? Do you hae any other browser available on your system for testing?

It is not the browser. I just determined that something is rewriting the configuration script file /usr/share/graphs1090/html/graphs.js at midnight. I’m not a coder so I can’t tell if it is something in the file itself?

I discovered a crontab entry to update graphs1090. Evidently the update overwrites the file of interest. I disabled that entry so tomorrow I’ll know if that caused the issue.

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As this isn’t clear from your writing, that’s a crontab entry YOU added.

The graphs1090 install is a one time deal.
Installing itself from github only happens when the user executes the install script, not automatically.

mea culpa

I did not know it was a one time deal. I believed the entry was for updates because there have been several updates in the past.

Again not what i’m saying :slight_smile:

Quite a few people here on the forum have added a cronjob to update graphs1090.
It’s just not something that is added by the installation.

If you wish to do that, that’s all good, you just have to know it overwrites all the files. (which you correctly determined is the case when you use the install script)