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Graphs1090 Reporting Gap

I have several RPis that all have this gap in cpu utilization near the same time every night. The system is not stopping and there are no gaps in ADS-B feeding.


I have had another type of gap a few minutes ago.

The rate for aircraft seen dropped to zero for a few minutes, all other values/graphs were not impacted (beside the aircraft/message rate which is normal in this case).

Any ideas?

I determined that the reporting gaps were a side effect of a crontab sodtware update.

@wiedehopf can you confirm this?

graphs1090 doesn’t come with an updater.

Don’t run the install/update script … gaps are unavoidable if you restart collectd.

The assumption from ua549 that it’s regarding cron.

I did not do anything on the device where the graph gap is shown at the given timeframe

I made a crontab entry to update the software periodically. When that happens there is a reporting gap.

Why? it’s done without crontab

Actually not all software is upgraded automatically without using crontab.

So how often do you have these gaps in one of the graphs …
I have no clue why it would happen, haven’t seen the issue.

Feel free to check the code yourself, i don’t care at all about this very very minor issue.

Less than once a week, so forget it

Any chance you could point me to the correct path to alter “the timing” so i can monitor per minute instead of the 5-6 minute updates whilst i do some more testing


The 8 hour graph is drawn in alternating 2 and 3 minute intervals.

You can change

while sleep 5; do

make that

while sleep 1; do

that should be higher update rate.

Note that you’ll likely see traffic fluctuations rather than results from your changes.
Anyhow have fun!

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