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Graphs for dump1090 -- my version with install script


sudo apt clean

then try the install of the graphs again.

No change:
Selecting previously unselected package libltdl7:armhf.
dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:
unable to open files list file for package ‘raspberrypi-bootloader’: Structure needs cleaning

Pretty sure the piaware sd-card has enough space, but let’s see

df -h

Otherwise maybe the sd-card is just corrupted.
That error has nothing to with the graphs really.

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Thanks. I’ll let you know if I get it sorted.

Mind trying these commands?

sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt install --fix-missing
pi@piaware:~ $ sudo dpkg --configure -a
pi@piaware:~ $ sudo apt install --fix-missing
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

So seems installing this library is making problems, try:

sudo apt install libltdl7

Maybe try this:

apt install --reinstall raspberrypi-bootloader

Looks like I’m getting filesystem errors in syslog. I’ll have to get these resolved and try again. At least now I know that the scripts should work with this version. Thanks for your help.

piaware kernel: [ 1036.316611] EXT4-fs error (device mmcblk0p2): ext4_lookup:1587: inode #42777: comm dpkg: deleted inode referenced: 45230

This is killer - Thank you! I’m already doing a lot of stats collecting with basic curl/pipe/echo/jq and sending it to my graphite instance and displaying it in grafana. I modified your script locally to include LoadPlugin “write_graphite” as well as its config block and now I can send the stats to the db for each node I have and roll them all up into a central view. Pretty cool. I appreciate this greatly as the graphs are really the only thing I want but didnt want to deal with the install of the entire package just to gain stats on existing nodes


I guess a reimage is in order.

Or you can probably try:

sudo touch /forcefsck
sudo reboot

Maybe this will fix it.

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You can probably remove


That way it won’t unnecessarily use CPU every minute for creating the graph pictures :slight_smile:

Ha. I’ll see how it runs. I’ve had pretty good success running a number of curls against the json and piping to graphite every 60 sec (that 1m resolution is nice for futzing with gain, configs etc) in a simple cron. I’ve got the new rrd graphs up now and will start to plot them in grafana later on today once a few nodes start to send to the graphite instance.

If everthing else fails to solve the problem, there is a sure solution: re-imaging :wink:

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I did the install on a image and the graphs work like a champ. Just wanted to let everyone know it does appear to work fine with


I would’ve been surprised if it wouldn’t have worked.

Would you guys appreciate some rudimentary stats for dump978?
Best i could probably do are max range and aircraft count or something along those lines.

Edit: Just run the installer again some functionality has been implemented.
Graphs for UAT/978 are at the very bottom of the page with the graphs.

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Are these enough? If you want I can zip (compress) the folder /run/skyview978 and upload to Dropbox.

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /run/skyview978/aircraft.json

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /run/skyview978/history_119.json

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /run/skyview978/history_118.json

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /run/skyview978/history_117.json

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /run/skyview978/history_116.json

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /run/skyview978/history_115.json

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /run/skyview978/history_114.json

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /run/skyview978/history_113.json

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /run/skyview978/history_112.json

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /run/skyview978/history_111.json

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /run/skyview978/history_110.json

No i meant actual valid aircraft entries.
Anyway i’ve been provided some, i’ll have a version for testing soon.

3 dump978 graphs are now available, they are at the very bottom of the web page.
Just do the install again and wait a few minutes for them to populate.





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I’m changing it right now so that TIS-B doesn’t count towards max-range as range should be actual receiver range.

Also introducing TIS-B as a category under the Seen/Tracked graph.

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