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Graphs for dump1090 -- my version with install script


It says install / update, there would be a note if it deleted data, believe me.

Nothing of consequence has been changed in months.

cd /usr/share/graphs1090/git
git log

This will show you the installed version, you can compare with the git commits on github.

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I’ve readded the noise reading to the signal graph, might be useful especially when you have basically no traffic and the weakest signal isn’t representative.

Only works with a dump1090-fa/readsb working directly with an rtl-sdr receiver.

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Was drawing the same noise line on the UAT signal graph an intentional add? I suppose it is interesting for 978 MHz as well even if it comes from a 1090 MHz dongle reading.

(I don’t currently have UAT aircraft tracking on my test station due to smokemageddon, but I noticed the noise line looks identical to the ADS-B/dump1090-fa graph. I’m not implying that I mind.)



No it was not, i’ll fix it.

Edit: should be fixed.

Good morning… the line is gone now (UAT). :slight_smile: