Graphical representation only a very short segment of flight


Why does the Graphical representation only show a very short segment of flight?

Please review flight for N5548V between KTMB and KCRG (both directions) and many fligths between KTMB and KPIE (both directions)


link. Your plane? Can you describe your flight? When you picked up IFR etc. will help others help you.


lancasterperch also needs to know what you were wearing at the time, what you had for lunch for the past week, dinner for the past 3 days, what kind of shampoo you use, and if you were on the grassy knoll that day in Dallas…


I pick up IFR clearance on the ground and never cancel while in the air


I must know all! :wink:


This is a pretty common issue in Florida. For reasons unknown to us, the FAA often doesn’t send us any position messages during the climb or descent.


UPS 2997 versus UPS 2998. Catch this phenomenon often when tracking from the scanner. Tracks to ANC fine, quits at or near the Canadian border coming back and no track over CONUS (when I know they’re in the vicinity). Could software not reset when position reports resume after apparent end? Why the difference between the two? (I’ll bet there’s a thread or two on this somewhere, but I don’t know how to fine it! It may even involve me. I think I asked this once before about English and German jets overflying Iowa to and from Las Vegas and Dallas that I hear a couple of times a week).
Thanks, Jan in Iowa


Terminology check. Do you mean the Contiguos United States? CONUS means *Continental *United States which includes Alaska. Contiguous United States means the 48 states located between Canada and Mexico.


You got me. Yep, I meant the lower-48. These guys track all the way to AK through Canada, but coming back, the track quits at the border or just past it. I hate to tell tales on our friendly neighbors to the north, but they are stealing our tracks. The evidence is clear. -Jan


I have them in my basement. :wink:


Unfortunately CONUS is used for both in common usage. See the Google definition page.
FWIW Wikipedia says:
*To avoid confusion between these two definitions, people often use the term continental United States when they mean to include Alaska, and one of the following when they mean to exclude Alaska:
* contiguous United States
* conterminous states
* lower 48 states
* CONUS (a military abbreviation)