Gradual decrease in number of Aircraft & Msgs


I think I am not alone in experiencing a slow, gradual decline in the numbers of Aircraft & Messages that I receive. There was talk of a chip in the Prostick that begins to fail as it warms up.

Outdoor Collinear at 50M, Prostick & Filter 3.1.0

Does anyone have a solution or any helpful suggestions please?

Kind Regards



What version number is your Pro Stick? Very early 1.0 units lacked TCXO, but some of the later 1.0 units (and all 1.1 units) should have TCXO.


Best way to check?



1.1s have the version number printed on the case. (I can’t remember if 1.0s do or not)
But I wouldn’t expect the TCXO to really have much of an effect either way here.
Have you checked your connections / antenna for moisture or corrosion?


As obj said, have you checked your connections / antenna for moisture or corrosion. Every time I’ve had this issue, moisture/corrosion was the problem.


Will do. Thank you!


What’s the first version with TCXO? Mine are #792 and #835 so I’m curious. (i guess i could crack it open and look…)


The version number is printed on the outside of the case, not on the circuit board, so you shouldn’t need to open it.

If it says 1.0 and you ordered it after the first month of availability then it possibly has TCXO (manufacturing was supposed to have used cases that say 1.1 for the TCXO units, but confusion occurred). All cases that say 1.1 should definitely have TCXO.


Oh, I was thinking serial number not version number! Mine are v1.0 and I see they both have a normal crystal inside.