Gov. Rick Perry?


Does anyone know what Gov. Perry is flying around in during his campaign tour? Be interesting to see where he is focusing his efforts.


Perry’s campaign events line up with N1159B flights.


Anyone know what Sarah Palin’s tail number is?


I flew one of his campaign personal a few weeks back


Gov. Perry has also chartered N213BA, a GIII.


Neither of these flights are lining up this week…I was trying to see when he was coming into Pittsburgh, but they aren’t even being used by him.


He used N52ET to fly from Austin to Lebanon Muni for the debate Tuesday night, which also brought him to Indianapolis yesterday for an event.


All I can tell you is that he visited a company for a fundraiser. The plane used, as in chartered, when he flew in was the GIII, N213BA.

Rick Perry is not using any one individual aircraft apparently, but chartering them on an as needed basis, from different sources/charter companies.


Back from saturdays debate, previous trips match appearances last couple of days.