Goose brings down Seminole

Tragic Accident Killed CFI and Student

An investigation into the night-time training accident that killed two pilots in the fall of 2007 has revealed some troubling data… with strong evidence that a goose collision contributed to the outcome. Pilot Adam Ostapenko (20), of Duluth, Minn., and CFI Annette Klosterman (22), of Seattle, were lost in this tragedy. … &Dynamic=1

I remember that crash. I didn’t know geese flew at night. They always seem to be in a big hurry to get home at sun down.

Same here. Once the geese bed down here on our lake they’re in for the night and won’t take flight even if disturbed by a predator.

Very sad story nonetheless.

my dad was driving a motorcycle with a side car on US 101 in northern (eureka) california, and he come home with his helmet scratchedand dented and his cycle rolled, he too was hit by a goose… so he says.

I’m no ornithologist, but geese do fly by night, at least here in Ohio.

It’s pretty common to see them “on approach” to the local waterways just after dark, but during migration season, they’ll come through at all hours of the night, usually at a higher altitude. Could long-distance night flights be limited to migration?

I’m just waiting for the Department of Natural Resouses to outfit 'em with running lights… :smiling_imp:

Yes but apparently only during a full moon and clear skies.

First diapers, then lights!

Hit three during a night landing at SMF in a Jetstream years ago. Sounded like sledgehammers hitting us. One came within four inches of hitting the captains windshield and the other two impacted the horizontal stab deicing boots. Looked like a bowling ball hit the top of the aircraft near the windshield. Goodtimes!

I hear geese flying over at night constantly , especially in the Fall. I hear what appear to be huge flocks here in Central Illinois.

The moon was indeed full that night, and the pilots were flying in night VMC.

Microscopic examination and DNA testing of material on the inside surface of the wing skin was identified as remains of a Canada goose. The natural history of this species was consistent with the location, time, and date of the accident.

I’d say the evidence is conclusive that a collision with a goose is the probable cause.

Dude I hit a goose at 4000ft AT NIGHT, I posted pictures in this thread

Wow! Glad you escaped with your life! Was the blood on your face and neck a result of injuries you sustained, or just spatter from the goose? I’m sure there was a few seconds of “WTF?” How long did it take you to realize what happened?

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WOW :open_mouth: That is crazy…thank God you were / are alright.