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Google Maps ATL - Only 3 Airplanes at Gates!

Anyone else notice in the current Google Maps satellite view of the Atlanta airport that there are only 3 airplanes at gates and all of the others are empty??? When has this ever been the case? Did Google edit out the airplanes?

Hmm… eerie. Shades of Sept 11. Does seem inexplicable.

Weren’t all the planes grounded on Sept 11 and therefore the airport was full of airplanes?


Here is one prepared earlier (Mar 2018)

Touche! All gates were probably occupied in the days following Sept 11…

Regarding the Mar2018 photo: I don’t think the OP’s point was that ATL always has very few planes at it’s (192?!) gates, rather that at the moment the satellite pic in question was snapped, there were only three, which seems improbable at such a busy hub. Clearly, we’re in need of a new conspiracy theory.

On the other hand, I took a look at LaGuardia’s current sat photo just now and (although it doesn’t appear to have half the gates that Atlanta does) I saw only one bird at a gate. [shrug]

Yes please. :grinning:

Here is the Aug 2019 of La Guardia from Google Earth and it certainly looks a bit busy.