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Google Loon around Richmond VA

HBAL518 is in flight across VA. I did track it from the west border, I was hoping to go in a straight W-E line, to see it closer to me… but it drifted northwards.

I see it is now flying south, and it is south east of Richmond. I thought they went out of business back in January, I was quite surprised to see it on my maps this morning.

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Yep, it slowed down a lot, only 4mph now. South of Charles City.
Looks like it might turn East again. Geometric: 70,250 ft

That stupid balloon flew above my house at 4AM! So obviously I could not see it.
Now is above ocean, East of VA eastern shore.

Another One! Flying just south of the Virginia North Carolina border right now due south of Petersburg, Va as HBAL536

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There are three of them: Google baloons - Eastern US - #11 by SoNic67