Google Earth

#1 if you go to this site you can click on some of the airports with the GE sign next to it and it will show all the inbound flights to those airports live on GE check it out.


When I clicked on JFK inbound it opens up my browser and says the following: Inbound Inbound Flights Definitely one of the cooler things that we here at have come up with. This is a live, real-time (5 minutes delayed) network feed of all inbound flights into JOHN F KENNEDY INTL(JFK). The data refreshes once every 60 seconds.

Says this with all the GE links.


I really wish you wouldn’t advertise a FEE-BASED competitor on FA’s FREE site. I mean, really…


i really wasn’t advertising it i was just pointing out another GE thing, others were saying stuff about GE that was intersting so i did. sorry for doing that though next time i will be more carefull about it. :slight_smile:


Right click on the link “Save Target As…” somewhere you’ll remember it.

Open GE

Click, hold, and drag the icon of the file you just downloaded into the “My Places” area of GE.

There ya go, should work just fine.