Goodbye to the Delta 732's


As my 500th post, I thought it would be appropriate to commemorate the final scheduled flight of a Delta 737-200.

As it stands now, that aircraft on the final flight is currently being flown to Victorville on it’s final flight, along with many other DL 732’s.

I remember flying these birds down to MCO from EWR, and a few other flights, and I am glad I got to fly them when I could. Sad to see them go. :frowning:


What day would the flight depart? As of 1739Z, there are 3 airborne DL 732s.


All the current airborne 732’s are being flown to VCV for storage. There are no more scheduled flights.


See the first picture on ‘plane crash site’ photos. Picture taken Tuesday August 29th. Looks like N319DL at LEX after they put up the lighted X this week.


Sad. :cry:


As of just prior to 1940 Zulu the following were en route

DAL9905 ETA 1945 Zulu

DAL9906 ETA 2059 Zulu

DAL9907 ETA 2206 Zulu

DAL9910 ETA 2348 Zulu

to Victorville (Southern California Logistics)


How many 732s are still serving passengers? I know RyanAir operates a few. Can’t think of many more. Kinda sad to think I may never again see the “cigars” hanging from the wings of a 737 again. :cry: Call me nostalgic, but I long for the days of 732s, 722s, and L-1011s rolling around the tarmac.


Alaska and Continental Oil Co. “Conoco” operates some. They’re mixed passenger and cargo flights. Does Air Tran operate any? … /KUBW/PANC


Not 732s. All their 737s are -700s w/ winglets.


Checking the database, there are about 500 distinct (same ident on different days doesn’t count) B732 flights in the last couple days, many of those operating daily. About 300 B722 and 600 B72Q flights with the same criteria.

Edit: And 13 L101s :slight_smile: Mostly AMT flights, but also the ex-Delta bird headed across the pond.


Yeah, but you know what I mean. Most of them are cargo planes or obscure charter carriers. The days of UA, Eastern, and TWA 727s trolling around are gone (as are Eastern and TWA altogether). It’s nothing like it used to be, nor will it ever be again I’m afraid…Crap. I’m now depressed at the beginning of a long weekend in which I’ll be at the Cleveland Nat’l. Air Show on Sunday. Way to go…Think I’ll go OD on some Prozac now. :unamused: [just being sarcastic, drugchef]


Aloha Airlines "Aloha"

Consorcio Aviaxsa, S.A. de C.V. "Aviacsa"

Cayman Airways Ltd. "Cayman"

Air North Charter "Air North"

Sierra Pacific Airlines "Sierra Pacific"

First Air (Bradley Scheduled) Ltd.


On Sunday, there were 3 Southwest flights from Phoenix to Victorville.

SWA 8618/20/22 (a B733 and 2 B737s)

Are they going into storage also? I didn’t realize that Southwest was doing that. (you may have to hit the “More” link.)


Looks likeFedEx is following suit with their 722s. :cry:


We get around four FedEx 727’s here in KDAY and to be honest I would LOVE to see a 757 come to Dayton. It’s been pretty slow ever since UPS left…