Good Flights to North Carolina, and AA bankrupcty


What are some good flights i can take from San Diego, CA to Asheville, NC from Feburary 5,2012 to June 20, 2012. i am going to do some training up there.

And another question: What is American Airlines going to do about the chapter 11 bankrupcty. are they going to have less flights with more people and smaller aircraft? or are they going to charge $5 for a drink?


Don’t have Google where you live?


No, they probably won’t start charging for drinks (the fact that US Airways stopped doing so sorta proved it wasn’t a worthwhile endeavor).

They also will be in business.

However, AA does not fly to Asheville year round, so in February you’ll have to fly someone else.

The lowest fare right now is on United through ORD on the way there and IAH on the way back (although the flight out of SAN leaves very early in the morning and has a tight connection in ORD).

DL also offers a similarly priced option though ATL.