good day to fly

I think the Caribbean sat is messed up cause this is what it looks like in the Leeward Islands and the Caribbean sea.

here is what ADDS looks like- Yep the Sat is messed up

Yeah, that thing’s definitely broken. There’s ALWAYS a thunderstorm over San Juan. You can usually see it fom NUCAR. I wouldn’t fly it if I were you!

How the hell can you see over the curve of the earth- NUCAR is pretty north of San Juan. Those TS would have to be tops FL156000 to see them from NUCAR! haha

You forgot Cuba. That place blows up EVERY night in the summer.I hate getting called to Cayman or Jamaica in the late afternoon.

I bet you’ve heard this a few times. NXXXX cleared Direct IDAHO Route 6 San Juan

Makes my ass hurt just thinking about it. IDAHO, SARGE, etc… Looking out the window at all that water, wondering where in the hell am I!

At least they don’t bring you down to early going to Cayman…NOT! What is the obsession they have with having you 30 miles out over the water at 4000 feet, do they think it is MANTA or something!!!

They want you to cross ATUVI at FL270. Cayman has no radar so ALT control is pretty important for traffic separation. If you don’t hear other AC in Cayman app. take your time getting down.