Go-around in Copenhagen



The other day early morning (27/8) I saw and heard a go-around in EKCH (Copenhagen Airport) where I live close by.
I have found out that it was Singapore Airlines SQ352.
flightaware.com/live/flight/SIA3 … /WSSS/EKCH

Is there any way to find out why the go-around happened?

Flighttracker sites does not say anything about reason it only shows the flightpath from where I can see that the missed approach did happen.



Go arounds happen for a number of reasons and happen everyday. Only way I would think would be to see if LiveATC.net has a feed from that timeframe and see if you can glean from the transcripts what happened.


There’s no way anyone besides the pilots, ATC or the airline itself would know the real reason for the go-around.
Go-arounds happen for many reasons, one of them could be that the plane got a little closer than the standard separation from previous plane on the approach, or that the previous plane spent too much time on the runway before clearing it.