GNV Evacuated


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Wow are people are stupid. Where does the, “it doesn’t apply to me” mentality come from?

I have a friend who’s a public safety officer at a SMALL OH school. He throws his badge in the window and parks where damn ever he pleases. I try to remind him that as a “officer of the law” he should live by the same laws he enforces. He doesn’t think he should have to.


Last week there was a suspicious package left at a bank near Portland OR. The small town cops and a state bomb tech moved the package in to the bank. At some point they assumed it was a hoax. The officer, state trooper were killed and the police chief and bank employee injured. Sad.


Why just this morning, we had a small scare as one bag checked on Delta had an unclaimed handgun. Of course, TSA just took the gun and left a nice note inside the bag. I seriously would like to see how that pax reacts when he discovers the note.


Could you elaborate on this a bit more? Was this inbound or outbound checked luggage? Abandoned?

What is an “unclaimed handgun”?


First answer is outbound. It somehow made it through the scanner but was discovered when our baggage handlers picked up the bag. “Unclaimed” just means that the passenger did not tell us or TSA that there was a gun in his bag.


Ah! Thanks, you meant an undeclared handgun. There are many who hold that it’s none of the TSA’s business that they have a handgun in their checked luggage. If they meet the federal requirements for transporting a weapon, they should be good to go.

“Discovered when our baggage handlers picked up the bag”??? Sounds more like it was discovered when the baggage handlers were rifling the bag’s contents! (No pun intended!)

Sorry, not accusing your local baggage handlers of anything, but I’m from PHL where we long ago learned not to put anything of value in our checked bags if we wanted to ever see it again.


A friend that works an airport bomb dog said they had a huge amount of unattended luggage the day before Xmas with “the once/year or never traveled crowd that Xmas brings”.


Well, everyone is suppose to declare guns to Delta if they are traveling with guns. Also, TSA always askes if you have film or firearms in your luggage. The bag was not zipped all the way and when our baggage handler picked it up, a case of bullets came out.


Bwhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha…that’s good, thanks for the best laugh I’ve had all weekend.