"Gimli Glider" is retired to Mojave desert


In 1983 an Air Canada 767 ran out of fuel due to a miscalculation converting gallons to litres. The pilot and co-pilot were able to safely land it at an abandoned military airport in Gimli, Manitoba. The plane has now been retired.

The story can be found at
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flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA7 … /CYUL/KTUS


How come the complete track doesn’t show up?

He certainly didn’t cancel IFR!


Maybe they diverted for fuel?




Flightaware Gimli Glider Air Canada ACA7067
ASN Incident Report

Airliners photos of C-GAUN


“604” holds a special place in many AC employees hearts. But, it’s time for her to take a long deserved rest. With any luck she’ll end up back in Canada at one of the museums. Bravo “604”! :wink:

ps next to leave is fin “293” A319 YYZ-SNN lease return


Named for the B.C. area code?


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C-GAUN / 604 (cn 22520/47) After almost 25 years in the fleet the famous glider heads off to the desert in style with a wicked flyby along Air Canada’s hangars, thanks to the crew for this nice gesture!
Photo by Youri Thonon - Contrails Aviation Photography.