Get list of flights and alert upon arrival

I am not a customer yet, but I am wondering whether the following is possible through the API:

Get a list of all the flights on a given day (4 to 5 days before the actual flight), specifying the departure airport and arrival airport. So for example, I would like to request a list of all the flights departing from JFK, New York to AMS, Amsterdam on June 12. This list should include the flight number and scheduled departure and arrival time of all the flights.

Once this list has been received, I would like to follow/track one of these flights. Is it possible that a URL of my server is requested/triggered upon arrival of the selected flight? And that the information of the baggage pickup number location at the airport is sent to this URL as well?

What would the cost be of the first query (list of flights) and the second request (trigger URL upon arrival)?

You can use any of the following to find the departures from an airport: AirlineFlightSchedules, Search, Departed There is a charge each time you call one of those functions (or for each additional page of 15 results).

Then you could call SetAlert to sign up for pushed alerts for the specific flights that you are interested in. When the events occur, you will receive an HTTP POST notification to the endpoint that you’ve established. There is a charge each time you call SetAlert to set up an alert, and another charge each time an alert is triggered and causes a notification to be sent (the cost of each alert delivery is labelled as “PushAlert” in the table below).

The prices for each of the API calls is listed on this page and will vary depending on your monthly volume of requests, with a greater discount given to higher volume customers : … _class.rvt But in general, each request is less than a cent.