I am planning a trip to switzerland/germany/and austria this spring and was wondering what is the best way to get around? flying? train? We are speding 2 ntes in muc 1 in inn 3 in zrh 1 in lugano 2 st mortiz. We know we want to take the orient expres from inn-zrh but other than that should we fly or train (all would be business class)? thanks


Train, hands down.


You can practically walk… J/K… agree on train.

You can probably get a eurail pass for 4-5 trips in 10 days for less than you are used to paying for one US roundtrip airfare.


Small plane - the flight through the Alps is one of the most beautiful in the world. Pricey, but worth it.


I lived there for several years, the train is a no-brainer.


I was there for three weeks last year. Die Bahn (The Train)



If you like to drive, ya gotta experience driving on the autobahn!!! :bulb:


But if you’re in Germany, stay out of the left lane unless you can go 160+ Km/h!!! :open_mouth:


…was passed by two Porsches in a row and the drivers were wearing helmets! :open_mouth:


I remember when I was out there, I glanced in my mirror, and there was a red Porche behind me. I moved over to let him pass. The next thing I know a black one passed me by!! WTF?? I looked back in my mirror, and the red one was moving back in the left lane to pass me. Things happen quickly out there.

Don’t get caught cruising in the left lane… it’s a serious offense there.


That’s only 100mph. Heck they do that here on the outer loop. Of course there they are better drivers.

I was able to do 162mph (~260k/h) once.

*That was at the Petty Driving School though not the Autobahn :frowning: *


Hahaah i would love to do the autobahn, but im only 15 and am going with my mother(my dad and bro are on school trip to greece)!!! I have driven over a hundered here but there would be so special! I would like to go and rent a maybach. Does anyone know where Mercedes is base?(i think its stuttgart)?


Yes Stuttgart, if you are there go to their museum, contains some aviation history too.

Re: speed. The fastest I have driven on a US road was 127 in a Honda Accord. The fastest I have been a passenger was in the 160’s in a friend’s police car on I-5 (Chev Caprice w/ Corvette ZR1 engine). I have that on video, Ill try to share it later.


The fastest i have driven was 115 in my dads ls460l