General Corporation For Light Air Transport And Technical Se


Anybody know anything about “General Corporation For Light Air Transport And Technical Services”? Using both the full name and permutations of the name, I haven’t been able to find any information on them except for a couple of references that lead back to FlightAware.

A couple of their flights:


For what it’s worth, the GLT511 is a Raytheon Hawker 800. One of those (N100LA) is registered to a Lightair LLC of Racine WI.

This one seems to be a coincidence, since GLT511 and GLT570 both seem to “live” in St. Louis (in addition to N100LA being registered in Racine, he seems to fly in and out of there frequently).

N100LA may be related to LightAir corp, an air purifying company from Sweden that has some presence in Skokie Illinois.

GLT570 is a sabreliner. There are a bunch of varieties registered, but one could cross-reference the list of who owns those with the list of who owns the Hawker 800 to see what matches.


Aero Charter, Inc. Website

Your aircraft are as follows;

GLT511 N5119 Hawker 800A

GLT570 N570R Sabreliner 65

both under management of Aero Charter, Inc.


Thats exactly what it is. Aero Charter is a 135 operator that deals with mostly organ transplant transport. They have numerous aircraft, all using that call sign. What is weird is they actually use “Gas Light” as their call sign not “Light Air”.