Gate information and estimated departure times



the live tracking on the website has also airport gate information and estimated arrival times available. Are these informations also available with the FlightXML api?

It seems that:

Scheduled departure time = filed_departuretime
Scheduled arrival time = filed_departuretime + filed_ete
Est. departure time = estimated arrivaltime - filed_ete
Est. arrivalt time = estimated arrival time

Is that correct?



You can simply calculate estimated arrival time in the way you’ve described. However, I would probably not recommend computing “est departure time” in that way.

We do not currently expose the gate or terminal information through FlightXML, but we will be releasing a new FlightXML method this month that will allow you to access that. Watch in this forum for an announcement in the coming weeks.


Gate information can now be retrieved using the new function announced here:


Great news. Thanks!