GARMIN GTX330 problems help


Have installed a GTX330 in our EC120 (helicopter with skids). When checking the installation (on the ground) I got a FAIL indication in the display. Did put another equipment and the same did happen. Is there anybody having the same problem? any advise?


Smart ass answer…read the owners manual

Honest reccommendation…have someone professionally install it. Sure, it costs more, but it is worth it. I talk to the guys from Spartan here in Tulsa a lot and they all say that having someone that is qualified to install equipment like that not only takes the load off your back if something goes wrong because of the warranty that usually comes with the work and because many times manufacturers warranties are voided if you self install something like that.


Just to inform you that I’m a Part 145 maintenance company in Europe. Apparently GARMIN has no time to send us a proper troubleshooting answer! Anyway tx for the answer.


Any answers at

I know some companies like Sony, Samsung, etc. are starting to refer customers to their websites for answers…so much for cheap labor in India!


…Who do you think is running the website?? :wink: