garmin 430 com failure


is it just me or have I got a lemon.
My normally reliable 430 failed in August this year,the com became garbled and some of the interfaces ceased to work,ie autopilot altitude hold,hsi,wx 500.
It was sent back for repair,returned to service,failed again,returned to service and failed again, about now I am becoming concerned.
I am also wondering if anyone else has problems like mine.


Roy :cry: **


Exchange it for another, if that one fails your installation has problems and needs to be redone


I guess exchanging the unit would show if the install or the unit was to blame,however the unit has been running free of problems for years and is an original 430.
I have been told that there are many older 430s with the same problem.?



I can’t recall if there is a fan on in the GNS430 or not but that is worth checking. If not, how well is your avionics fan working? That could be an overlying cause due to the heat that the Garmin puts out.