Gander Int'l (CYQX) could CLOSE


Just thought the readers of this forum would be interested in the closing of the Gander Int’l (CYQX) if something isn’t done.

Here is an article explaining the situation.


Because this is a Canadian airport, I take it they are talking about *Canadian *military aircraft not paying. In other words, do military aircraft of other nations (USA, Belgium, etc.)pay the landing fee?


It applies to all military flights. It dates back to a time when all airports were run by transport canada. Today it is run by a local airport authority but the Canadian Government waves the landing fee still. Gander is freequented by many nations such as Great Britain and Belgium but the primary military user is the USA.

I could be wrong, but I feel Gander is posturing to increase its bottom line as it get a majority of transatlantic corporate travel and many commercial heavy aircraft including the AN 124.

Any given hour there are four or five corporate jets being serviced by Gander.