GA IFR Flight Not showing Up in FA


A friend of mine flew a IFR flight from O38 to KIJX and back in a Bonanza A36 but it never showed up on Flightaware. Wondering why that is? Any info on this is appreciated.


Does the aircraft have a Mode S/ES/UAT Transponder?
They are required to show up.
It could also be on the “do not tack”/blocked list.


If you could share the aircraft’s tail number and/or the approximate date/time of the flights, that would be helpful.


Mode A or C are fine in the US coverage area, no need for Mode S or better.


N3196A, O38 to KIJX, departed 0600 on 2/13, 2.03 time enroute, IFR filed


A 1AM flight! yuck. or did you mean 0600EST? Flight planning has used UTC/GMT since the 1930s (Part of changes when Amelia Earhart was lost)


0600 central time


What happened to some of the responders that wanted more info? I supplied the tail number and other details.


There are two flights picked up on that day.