G550 based @ Birmingham (BHX)


Does anyone know the details surrounding this aircraft?

Company: Dennis Vanguard International

What do Dennis Vanguard International do? Is it the bus company?


See the thread below for a previous discussion about this aircraft.



still dosen’t answer my question


With their long history of corporate jet ownership, you’d think you would find a little more info on the internet?

Switchgears, (I assume meaning) high voltage industrial type switchgears.
I’d guess they design/manufactuer them, but who knows, maybe nothing to do with that?

I passed on your message to Birmingham based ‘Aircraft Spotters’, so I’ll post what ever their response?


Sorry it did not answer your question. I have *no idea *what Dennis Vanguard International “do”. I was just drawing your attention to this thread, to save you from all of the "use the search button first before posting crowd’’. I tried this google, but it did not help me much.