G-IV Range


Didn’t know a Gulfstream IV could do this? With time changes actual flight time was over 10 hours, right?

flightaware.com/live/flight/N811 … /PHNL/KBCT


Photo as N811DF was recently registered, here it is carrying its previous registration N540CH. (I recall a previous thread on this aircraft!)

GIV-SP info

NetJets GIV-SP stats


8:50 if you use the track log.
I’ve heard of 10:15 in a G4 but that was a ferry flight. Normal max endurance is more like 9:30ish.

John in Paris


The 5:25 flight time couldn’t be correct. It would take nearly that long to
reach the United States or Mexico coast.


Someone had a nice 10 day vacation in Tahiti 8)


The G-V can do up to 15.5 hrs… to many for me…



a 60-80+ knot tailwind helps :laughing:


E-bay’s G-V did one from San Jose to here (MBPV). 6hrs one way, 6:26 back… one of the longer flights into here that I can remember, most others are at best 4 hrs long…

Go G-V :smiley:


My buddy had the pleasure of doing this one. Thats a long ride!

flightaware.com/live/flight/N195 … /KHPN/PANC