G-IV overshoots TEB


newyork.cbslocal.com/2010/10/01/ … o-airport/

THis plane:



What is it with TEB?? You always hear of planes overshooting the runway.


N923CL Gulfstream IV-SP based at TEB.

Aircraft owned by Avenue Capital, New York

Only fatal biz jet accident was the Nabisco Falcon 50 that had a mid-air with a PA-28 at night about 4 miles from the airport. (Back in 1985).

Teterboro is a mecca for biz jets, easily one of the busiest biz jet airports in the world . . . a few over runs - one thing is you have all the TV News choppers in New York - you go off the runway at TEB - and your going to be on TV!!!


I thought that the Challenger that over ran the runway, crossed the highway, and smashed into a warehouse killed people, but it was only injuries. avstop.com/news/overrun_bombardier.htm



Isn’t the Challenger accident the operator that was overloading on fuel in order to buy it where it was cheaper? After the investigation, criminal charges were lodged due to all sorts of “irregularities”.

Pretty sure that that overrun system was installed due to the Challenger accident. Looks like it paid off. Also thought that a motorist was killed in the prior accident, no?


Was there more than one plane that over-ran the highway? My dad also thought someone was killed.


The Challenger was a 2005 accident and it was a result of an overload/ exceeding the forward CG limit.

There were a lot if indictments because the charter co was operating illegally. It did hit a car but no one was killed, but the car occupants were injured.


Your Dad could be confusing the Challenger accident with the accident in Chicago on December 8, 2005 where Southwest flight 1248 slid off the runway and impacted traffic, resulting in the death of a six year old boy.


No, it was definately TEB. I guess we both just got our facts wrong.


This is the Challenger at TEB that overran the road;

discussions.flightaware.com/view … ight=n370v

and NTSB Final Report 142 pages; with photos . . .


photo; aviation-safety.net/photos/displ … r=2&kind=C


This plane is back in the air heading to KBQE. Isn’t that where Gulfstream is located? Guessing they need to do a bit of maintenance after this.

flightaware.com/live/flight/GTH2 … /KTEB/KBQK


No Gulfstream is at KSAV. Savannah Hiltion Head International Airport And there in dallas too for the G150s.


As a Gulfstream clearly flew the above posted link as Meridian Air Charter flight GTH23, are you saying N923CL is currently at KSAV - meaning a different Gulfstream IV was using their callsign?

Also you said ‘they are in Dallas for the G150’s’ - who is in Dallas?, for what G150’s?

Just curious what you meant, thanks.


I think he means the Gulfstream plant is at Savannah, but their G150 facility is at Dallas. Here’s a list of Gulstream plants around the traps: gulfstream.com/sites/index.htm


Ahhh I get it, I took it too literally!!

So he isn’t even commenting on the actual aircraft N923CL, just on the fact that the Gulfstream big jets!, are manufactured in Savannah, and the Gulfstream little jets!, have a completion center in Dallas.

I assume everyone knows that the G150’s, G200’s, G250’s are manufactured at the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) manufacturing facility in Tel Aviv, Israel. and flown in ‘Green’ condition - no paint etc., to Dallas.