G-IV landing with zero flaps

Saw N936MP on approach today, noticed it seemed to be coming in pretty damn fast then I looked at the pictures later and it looks like no flaps are extended…
flightaware.com/photos/aircraft/ … ate/page/1

Any of you G-drivers ever done this? if so, why?

Any idea what time approximately he landed??, you can go to liveatc archives and listen to his arrival - all times in GMT.


archive-server.liveatc.net/ksat/ … -1630Z.mp3

Nothing stated out of the ordinary, Jetspeed936 was the call sign, can here them at 19:49, 21:50, 22:51.

Just thought it was out of the ordinary to land without flaps, made for a good bounce and extra tire smoke :wink:

Hmmm - maybe somebody was doing a type rating or training???

Training or a malfunction would be my guess. Even if it was a mechanical problem, you probably would never know it. Not an emergency per se, just abnormal

We do it in the simulator every year. Approximately double the landing distance and go for it.

How much more airspeed is needed, zero vs. full flaps? just from watching I’d have to guess this one was moving 35-40 kts faster than another G-IV that landed moments later.

Don’t I know it. I’m about to spend 3 days in ILM in the box. I can feel the ground school sleepies already!

If all works out- I’ll be in the G-IV sim next month…

Oh man, that session right between signing in and collecting your paperwork is the worst.

The G2 is +25 with 0 flaps.

That’s slower then the little lear +30

Yep. After the first 3 days of recurrent, it gets much better. :wink:

5 for going from flaps 39 to 20, I don’t know if the later G3/4 wing is the same or not. So you’ve decided on the 4?