FWIW - MLAT for static transmitters


just a finding here :slight_smile: http://www.panoradio-sdr.de/tdoa-transmitter-localization-with-rtl-sdrs/



Good to see that the async work I did was actually useful somewhere!


hehe - thatโ€™s why i posted this here from my tonight online journey though some older stuff i started from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0LCgxe24Po


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So this got me to thinking, does FlightAware have a maximum limit on ADSB tracking stations for determining MLAT data? If 50 piawares are tracking a single plane, but FlightAware servers can calculate MLAT info from just a handful of them, does it use all 50 anyway for more precision? If not, how is it determined which ones to use?

The geekier side of me thinks that showing the number of receivers tracking any given plane would make a good SkyView column.


If there are more than 15 receivers tracking the same non-ADS-B aircraft, the mlat server asks for data for that aircraft from only 15 (approx) receivers picked randomly, and rotates the random set every 30 seconds.