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Interested to know how many fixed wing air ambulances are equipped with 2 or more patient sleds and how often flights are made with 2 or more patients? Does each patient require a dedicated medical team? Also, is anyone aware of regional airline equipment like a BAe 31, Beech 1900 or Dash 8 being used to transport 4, 5 or more patients. I have flown a BE200 and LJ35 and they were both equipped with one sled.

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I think by the very nature of the patient needing to be airlifted, they would require a dedicated team. Appropriate care aside, liability could be a major issue. The need to transport more than one patient from point A to point B is probably a rare exception.

I live in a communinty where burn victims, major traumas and some NICU patients are airlifted to Seattle, usually via fixed wing aircraft. Following a major auto collision I have seen 3-4 aircraft come in to pick up the patients. Most of the aircraft are Lear 35, King Air 200 or Commanders. Although rare, sometimes a helicopter will fly over from Seattle and land at one of the hospitals’ helipad.


I know the Quebec Government has a couple of CRJ’s (one temporiraly out of service) used to shuttle patients of distant hospitals to more specialized ones in the urban areas that are capable of transporting more than one patient.


US Gulfstreams . . . Swiss Challengers

I would assume most, if not all, medical services offering flights, have access to larger aircraft. If not their own aircraft, any flight can be sub-contracted out.

As for staff required for flights, I’m unfamiliar with any legal requirements, but it appears from reading website info from medical flight operators - it is up to whomever is paying for the flight what services and staff are requested.

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