Fuel Wasting Flight Paths

I’ve noticed many commercial flight paths that waste fuel, regardless of weather
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Edit- I deleted my own snarky post about why we have to burn dinosaur bones to maintain safe flight.

The airlines aren’t flying extra distance just for the fun of it. The FAA has established Preferred Routes for most major airports, and those routes are what is typically assigned. In the absence of these routes, there are often routings that are used by ATC for a given airport. Believe me, the airlines would rather save fuel and charge you the same ticket price!

Thanks FlyNYC… Any operator ALWAYS wants to save fuel ($$$), but they can’t predict the future and when an A/C lifts off, they can only react to traffic delays, etc.

You can blame ATC or dispatch or whoever, but it’s still in the best interest of flight safety.

You’ll notice alot of fuel savings on the ground as well. What used to be complete turns with the APU running, now alot of times the APU is shutdown after the GPU is plugged in, and all the electronic systems are run with ground power. They’ll usually start the APU right before engine startup. This is the case at least w/ the regionals.

This is SOP for FedEx…for a/c with ground time over 1 hour.

The problem with the second flight you listed is that if you look at the weather map for that date, you will see that the flight path outlines a nice red line (stuff no pilot wants to fly in). I don’t see the problem with the first flight, PVD-EWR isn’t that bad of a flight especially with a regional prop.

So flying from KPVD to KEWR, you would LIKE to fly right through the KLGA area? The route seems logical to me. Especially since ATC must also blend your flight into the incoming KEWR traffic.

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