FS2004 (VATC does have a sence of humor)

Short version,

I DLed Donald Trump’s paint scheme for one of the planes (can you TELL I know nadda about airplanes??).

I plopped it down at KLAX and filed my flightplan saying I was flying from LAX to New York…

Without skipping a beat, VATC came over the Freq and said “LAX_CTR / Donald1 when will you be ready for departure?”

“Donald1 / LAX_CTR Mr. Trump is currently fliming an eppisode of The Apprentance. He and his daughter will be arriving shortly. Will advise.”

“LAX_CTR / Donald1 RGR, please advise when Mr Trump and family have arrived and boarded…” (he then gave me a SOCAL code) “When you adivse, we will expidite your depature.”

“Donald1 / LAX_CTR Copy will advise.”

Thought ya’ll may get a kick outta that…

Clear and 10-7/ QRT

Hmmm…didn’t think I’d been drinking, but I must have to sober up before I try figuring out what this is talking about.

VATC Vitural Air Traffic Control. You can access it via FS2004 using squawkbox.




And a little bird in a pear tree…

this makes no sense to me either…

Flight-simmers can fly for virtual airlines. There is also a virtual Air Traffic Control system (with real humans actng as the controllers).

I think it would make more sense if it was written in English or something close to it.

can you TELL I know nadda about aireoplanes??

This is obvious because he can’t even spell airplanes or aeroplanes, whichever one he was going after.

please advise when Mr Trump and family have arrived and boared

Does “boared” mean to “pig out?”


guys… common… I was just trying to have a little fun…
Yeah my spelling isn’t the best.

I may be 30 but I have Dyslexia and can’t spell very well.
Yeah, so I used the wrong spelling in many cases in my post.

Some were intentional, some where unintentional…

I was just trying to have fun…

I guess this comment board take’s things to a very serious point.

I won’t post again until I have something “serious” to post about.

We are not serious here. My suggestion, has someone who has a slight case of dyslexia, is to use Firefox. The latest version highlights possible spelling errors when typing into a form.

Take a look over other posts - you’ll see we are not always serious.

I fly on a FSX server called DVATC (Detroit Virtual Air Traffic Control). It is very serious with real ATC. Everything down to filing a flight plan.

I believe the point was that the Virtual ATC controller actually acted with some deference to the “virtual” Mr. Trump? I got it right away…but I fly FS9 online all the time. It’s one of those “you had to be there” to really understand.