Frequent visitor to Gitmo


I noticed LXF612 KFLL to MUGM (Guantanamo Bay Cuba) Makes frequent flights.
Probably a “PAT” or VIP flight :question:


I don’t think they are PAT (what is that?) or VIP flights.

From their webpage: “Lynx Air provides the most reliable (and in many cases the only) passenger transportation directly from the United States (Ft. Lauderdale) to and from Exuma, Governors Harbour, Cat Island and Bimini, in the Bahamas; Cap Haitien, Haiti and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.”

You can check their schedules on their site.


Pat is the call sign used by military Vip flights.
We hear them all the time in and out of KLCK, and they also fly Merlins.
Thanks for the info on LLynx air.


PAT is the callsign for most US Army/National Guard/Reserve VIP/admin/logistical support aircraft. Primarily airplanes (C-12, C-26, and UC-35’s) but in the Capital District there are a few UH-60’s.

We do fly into Gitmo on a regular basis. We try and go when the snow is flying here. 8)


Just curiousdo you know if (PAT) acft 139, 140 (C-20Es), 108 (C-20F) are still operating? I know 139 went to Hawaii in the early 90s & the rest were still at Andrews. I got a lot of time spent on those acft. Thanks.


Relevant article (mentions FlightAware): San Francisco Bay Guardian: The CIA’s torture taxi