French Navale Hawkeye ?


I’m guessing “FNY” isn’t the French Navy, if it really is then what’s it doing blatting around the US/Caribbean ?

Edit: Hmm, the French Navy does have Hawkeyes (I did not know dat), but the question stands. Wassup ?


I saw this on FA about a week ago flying near MCO. Dats fo sho yo. :laughing:


Probably training with the aggressor squadron based at NAS Key West or doing drug interdiction in the Carribean


Why wouldn’t the French Navy be flying around the world?
Here in the Middle East the US military has more flights than any other military organization (even without the wars) but we do see the French making a fuel stop in Jeddah while moving aircraft between France and Djibouti . I’m not familiar with military bases around the Caribbean but maybe they have a base in Martinique or one of the other French overseas territories.
A joint exercise or just a friendly visit is most likely but the aircraft may be based in the region.


Back on June 2 2005, 10 aircraft from the French aircraft carrier ‘Charles de Gaulle’, made an emergency landing at Atlantic City after 1 aircraft developed problems, the weather went down, and they were low on fuel.

They were denied landing at McGuire Air Base as they didn’t have a landing code. The aircraft, a E-2C Hawkeye, an Rafale M, and 8 Super Etendard’s spent the night at Atlantic City, as they crews didn’t have enough ‘credit’ on their credit cards for fuel.

French and Canadian Navy had been invovled in ‘Joint Exercises’ somewhere off the US Coast.

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