Freemont Ohio airport owner + 5 lost in Cessna 206 crash . .


Unconfirmed as N29122 a Cessna U206 piloted by Gene Damschroder Age 86. FAA registry lists 15 aircraft in the family name, including 2 DC-3’s, based at Freemont Ohio Airport (14G code) owned Mr. Damschroder.

Mr. Damschroder had been flying since WWII, and was still an active Flight Instructor (Fremont Flight Training Academy) and retired Ohio Law Maker. Freemont Airport

News Photo . . . AP News Story . . . Mr. Gene Damschroder .


It just makes me cringe hearing stories like this.


He was known to takeoff downwind. A loaded 206 on a hot day, obstacle on the east end of the runway and a tailwind…Setup for disaster. Wx there yesterday 06/08/2008 shows the winds from the west north west.


Prayers sent to all of the victim’s families.