Free mifi......but....


There is always a but.
You have to have Windows 7 on the host machine.

If you are like me, seemingly stuck in hotels that only have an old fashioned cable, this is for you.
I am sitting here (Beirut) typing on my laptop while my iPad is downloading an update.
I ran across this last night, it took a bit more configuring than they advertise but now it seems to be working just fine. I had to go into the firewall settings and allow the program access but once I figured that out it fits the bill for what I need.

I have no connection with them other than a couple of “help” emails.

John not in Saudi


So, as I understand it John, your laptop is Windoze 7 based, and this gives you WIFI for your Ipad rather then using 3G service? Wouldn’t your laptop still need internet access in some fashion?

Other than benefiting strangers (and friends) around you, what additional benefit do you get?


Good morning Allen;
Yes, your Windoze 7 laptop or desktop has to be connected to the internet, doesn’t matter how. The hotel where I am at now has a password based system so without buying a second subscription I could only connect my laptop or my iPad, but not both, now I can. If I had any reason to connect my phone I could run all three at the same time.
Yes, it does slow things down a bit, but it still seems like the same old crap connection even with both running.

For most people operating at home there is no advantage, the plus comes on the road where you have a costly, limited connection. It can also be set up as a WAN if you are in a business meeting.

The biggest problem I have is the compound in Jeddah only has a LAN to the housing units so I had no way to connect my iPad short of buying a router. I did not buy the ATT service when I bought the iPad so wifi is it for me. I could not see paying for roaming for a year.

That is my benefit, it is also password based so my neighbors won’t be stealing my bandwidth. :smiling_imp:


You don’t need any third party software, internet connection sharing is built in to Windows.


yeah but this was easier than following Bills directions.