Francis Ford Coppola


Coppola was a guest on Howard Stern earlier this week and mentioned that he (his vineyard) owns a Gulfstream 100 and he will be taking delivery of a Falcon 7x next year. He referred to the 7x (I’m paraphrasing here) as the best jet ever created.

Any ideas on a t/n on the G100?


A G100 to a 7X? That is one heck of a transition! You’d think he might want to dabble in an old IVSP or something first…


I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.


I have a friend that has flown FFC all over the world in that airplane.


Wow… a paint scheme that only a mother could love…


Well, FFC is one of those…creative types. :confused:


“A flying carrot.”


That is absolutely astonishing and almost beyond belief.

Just think, you have a friend!

(Please don’t hurt me!)


Okay…me having friends is…maybe…a little bit of a stretch. :blush:


Looks like a deranged Crayon!


Hmmm… Considering its owner…


Wow. The Astra may be ugly, but she doesn’t deserve THAT !


Wow and I thought the Fisher Price Little People airplane was a DC9!


Check out this Westwind that had the same registration:;tail=N722AZ;o=1

Same owner, no doubt.


The Westwind was his airplane prior to the G100.


Looks like he has a thing for fugly paint…the worst…tragic


Why buy old technology when such great new technology is available. The new 7X was delivered on Thursday.


The Astra SPX was just re-registered as N728AZ, it’s been for sale
for some time. N722AZ is still reserved, so I assume it’ll be on the
Falcon 7X shortly - if not already



Has a Falcon Jet registration still, N199FJ.

What no more Orange? I assume the photo taken was in Little Rock?, looks like the Falcon Jet hangars.